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The Land Rover® Defender passed into history at the end of last year when production ceased. Whilst we wait until 2019 for Jaguar Land Rover to give us the new Defender they have promised, we look back at the story of a British icon in the motor trade. Paul Rutter Land Rovers is a specialist with a great deal of knowledge for all aspects of the Land Rover and Range Rover family of vehicles, so if you have any issues with your now “historic” Defender do not hesitate to contact us 01243 2657 [...]

Seasonal tyres provide greater driving safety for motorists who drive in extreme weather of all types - and who will drive in more extreme conditions than your average Land Rover® owner? Get your Land Rover shod correctly for the season and you will be riding high in all circumstances. Paul Rutter Land Rovers, supported by our in-house HiQ Bognor Regis Team, offer a range of tyres to suit your driving needs. We are able to supply and fit your Land Rover 4x4 with a range of tyres from leadi [...]

The older Land Rover® models were built as off-road machines, rugged, simple and reliable. Modern Land Rovers are different in that they are packed with luxurious materials, hi-tech features and often futuristic designs, but are still utterly capable of being driven off the “beaten track”. So if you are considering a little off-road fun in your Land Rover, always make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition before setting out on your off road experience.  Paul Rutter Land Rovers in Bogno [...]

Let’s face it, if you are up for some off-road adventures through some of the most astonishing natural beauties in your Land Rover®, West Sussex may not the best place in England. There is the exhilarating off-road Slindon Safari, but as you progress further up north, you will find far more variety of landscapes to explore with your Land Rover. Before setting off on any long trips in your Land Rover however, it should be checked, prepared and maybe even serviced. Now, Land Rovers are prett [...]

It’s reached the point in the year when you start planning your next holiday. When you own a vehicle as marvelous as a Land Rover it’s no surprise that you might consider a road trip (with or without a caravan). However, before you head off it’s important to make sure your Land Rover is in top shape for the journey, and we’ve put together our guide to help you do just that. Get the basics sortedThere are a number of vehicle checks you can easily do without the aid of an experienced mecha [...]

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