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It’s reaching the time of year when keen caravanners start thinking about their next adventure. Whether you’re exploring Sussex and the South of England, or heading further afield you need to make sure your Land Rover is up to the job… Our latest blog covers how to make sure your Land Rover is caravan compliant, and the areas you need to consider when towing a caravan. Your Land Rover: Land Rover towing capacityIt’s essential that the caravan doesn’t exceed the maximum towing capacity o [...]

Regardless of whether you have a Defender, Discovery, Freelander or Range Rover on the whole the robustness of a Land Rover makes it a safe vehicle to drive. However, dangers occur when basic features are taken for granted… Brakes. Most of the time they’re efficient and functioning as they should. Nevertheless, accidents do happen and failed brakes can have devastating effects. To help you stay safe we’ve put together this guide on detecting if there is a problem with your Land Rover’s br [...]

Here in Sussex we’re blessed with beautiful countryside and rural roads. Although scenic routes make for a picturesque driving experience, they can also wreak havoc on the health of your Land Rover. To help you avoid any unnecessary damage and save you from costly Land Rover repairs we’ve put together this blog on how to adapt your driving to certain road conditions. FloodingDriving through water over 15cm (6 inches) has the potential to cause extensive and costly damage to your Land Rov [...]

Land Rover owners really love their vehicles. However, there’s one issue all models have in common. Whether you’ve got a Discovery, Defender, Freelander or Range Rover they all suffer from poor fuel efficiency. Land Rovers are heavy, and take a lot of fuel to move around… This blog shares ways to increase the fuel efficiency of your Land Rover (and help you feel a bit less guilty about enjoying your fantastic vehicle). Check the tyres on your Land RoverMake sure you check your tyre pressu [...]

A vast amount of Sussex roads are rural (in fact, there are only 9 miles of motorway in the entire county!), and while that is what makes it a beautiful place to live - it can also be extremely dangerous to drive. In fact, research by the government’s THINK! campaign found that 60% of all fatalities occur on country roads - that’s 3 people a day, which is 11 times higher than that on a motorway. Add to that the shorter days, darker winters, and adverse conditions, and the importance of saf [...]

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