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Summer Tyres for Your Land Rover

Seasonal tyres provide greater driving safety for motorists who drive in extreme weather of all types - and who will drive in more extreme conditions than your average Land Rover® owner? Get your Land Rover shod correctly for the season and you will be riding high in all circumstances.

Paul Rutter Land Rovers, supported by our in-house HiQ Bognor Regis Team, offer a range of tyres to suit your driving needs. We are able to supply and fit your Land Rover 4x4 with a range of tyres from leading brands including, Dunlop and Goodyear.

Land Rovers are rugged, reliable off-roaders that lead a double life as comfortable, spacious road-going cars.  They can tackle sand, mud and snow as easy as they ride down the motorway - and in any weather conditions. This is why choosing tyres is not always as straightforward as it is for other vehicles.

As you will probably know, winter tyres will wear out fast on summer roads as they are specially hardened for use in cold and wet weather, whereas summer tyres are designed for hot weather and dry conditions.

There are a range of tyre options available that cover the variety of models under the Land Rover and Range Rover banner:

If you are not familiar with what the markings mean above, you can have a look at the guidelines here, posted in a previous blog.

Our independent Land Rover repairs and servicing workshop in Bognor Regis, West Sussex is equipped with the latest tyre fitting tools and tuning equipment. You can also be assured that your vehicle will be correctly diagnosed and maintained by us, all whilst saving you considerable money on main dealer prices.

Why not contact us today for assistance with your Land Rover.

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