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Handy hints for taking your Land Rover on holiday…

It’s reached the point in the year when you start planning your next holiday. When you own a vehicle as marvelous as a Land Rover it’s no surprise that you might consider a road trip (with or without a caravan). However, before you head off it’s important to make sure your Land Rover is in top shape for the journey, and we’ve put together our guide to help you do just that.

Get the basics sorted
There are a number of vehicle checks you can easily do without the aid of an experienced mechanic. Tyre condition and fluid levels (wiper fluid, oil level, engine coolant) are all easy to check. They are all essential to keep your Land Rover at its best, and it is beneficial to continue these checks at regular intervals throughout your holiday. For more information you can read our blog on tips for Land Rover maintenance.

Sort out any problems in advance
In a previous blog we talked about warning signs for Land Rovers, in day to day life it’s easy to sweep these problems under the carpet. However, if you’re off on holiday the last thing you want is your Land Rover breaking down and the only alternative being a non Land Rover specialist who doesn’t truly understand your vehicle. If there are any little niggles or problems that keep cropping up we’re happy to take a look and put your mind at ease.

Make sure your Land Rover is fit for purpose
If your holiday requires bikes or extra sporting equipment make sure you get hold of bike racks or roof racks well in advance, if you’re unsure on what to get make sure you seek advice on the correct type for your vehicle rather than be caught out when the time comes. If you’re towing a caravan you might want to check out last weeks blog on making sure your Land Rover is Caravan compliant.

Consider your comfort
Clean the interior of your Land Rover before you head off, get rid of any extra rubbish that not only adds extra weight (decreasing fuel efficiency) but also makes the journey less pleasant. If you haven’t had your air conditioning serviced in a while get it looked at by an expert, if you’re located on the South Coast the Paul Rutter mechanics are happy to help! After all, the last thing you want is for your air-con to give up on you halfway through the holiday.

Does your Land Rover need a pre-holiday health check?
Preparing for a holiday can be stressful, but we’re more than happy to help you with your Land Rover. Whether you’ve got issues you need repairing, air-con that needs sorting, or just don’t have time to carry out basic checks we’re here. Give us a call on 01243 265727 or send us an email.

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