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Not all Land Rovers are created equal… They each have their own quirks and issues. This week we’re all about the Range Rover Sport, the common problems, and how we can help you. Screeching hand brake If the handbrake on your Range Rover Sport is making a screeching noise, or failing to release you may have a problem with the brake cable motor. The two most likely scenarios are that a) your brake cable is misaligned, or b) that the motor has failed. You will need a technician to either ad [...]

Land Rovers are special beasts… Whether you’ve got a Defender, Discovery, Freelander or a Range Rover Evoque they all come with their own special quirks.   In time these niggles become part of the charm, part of the experience. However, these small issues could be a sign that there is trouble brewing… To help you keep your Land Rover in top shape we’re sharing some of the problems to look out for. Dashboard light problemsThe dashboard on your Land Rover is giving you a light show. You sa [...]

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