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Summer Fun With Your Land Rover

Let’s face it, if you are up for some off-road adventures through some of the most astonishing natural beauties in your Land Rover®, West Sussex may not the best place in England. There is the exhilarating off-road Slindon Safari, but as you progress further up north, you will find far more variety of landscapes to explore with your Land Rover.

Before setting off on any long trips in your Land Rover however, it should be checked, prepared and maybe even serviced. Now, Land Rovers are pretty unique and although some of the maintenance things you can do yourself, you will need a reliable mechanic who has had lots of experience with Land Rovers to do the rest. You can find Paul Rutter Land Rovers in Bognor Regis and have them examine your vehicle before you set off.

Read our Summer Land Rover trip checklist, for helpful tips and advice:

  • Air conditioning! Always make sure you have checked it before a summer trip, even if you have had it checked recently. It is a simple and quick checkup and most of it you can do yourself by just turning it on and seeing if it blows with enough power, if the air is cold enough, if all of the speeds are working and if there are no unpleasant odours. If just one of these things is working below the expected rate, you should have your Land Rover’s air conditioning checked, since leaving it as is can only lead to more expensive issues in the future. Not to mention the possibility of being trapped between those big Land Rover glass surfaces in the scorching sun without any cold air and miles away from home
  • The next summer-related check is fluid levels. OK, these should be perfect in any weather conditions, but in high temperatures engine temperatures can be higher and this can cause serious damage if you are lacking engine oil, or coolant
  • Tyres. Most people know that winter tyres are essential for safe driving on ice or snow, but summer tyres have a far better grip on hot asphalt than winter ones. Moreover, hot asphalt will eat through a winter tyre incredibly quickly. Even if your Land Rover is equipped with summer tyres, you should check them for any bulges, cracks or other damage, as well as if the pressure is as it should be. And do not forget to check the spare tyre as well!
  • If you are going off road, you should have one of our professionals look at your suspension, since driving off the beaten track puts far more strain on your car
  • Land Rovers often pack additional equipment such as bike racks. Many people forget to check those before a trip and if there is something wrong with them, they might cause serious problems when you are miles away from a mechanic.

Of course, checking if the engine and transmission are in good condition, if all the lights are working and that the brakes are fine are things you should not miss.  These are all important checks that our mechanics, who know their way around Land Rovers, can do in no time.

Book your Land Rover in for a service at our West Sussex Paul Rutter Land Rover garage today. 

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