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The Golden Rules For Driving Your Land Rover Off Road

The older Land Rover® models were built as off-road machines, rugged, simple and reliable. Modern Land Rovers are different in that they are packed with luxurious materials, hi-tech features and often futuristic designs, but are still utterly capable of being driven off the “beaten track”. So if you are considering a little off-road fun in your Land Rover, always make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition before setting out on your off road experience.  Paul Rutter Land Rovers in Bognor Regis is an independent Land Rover specialist garage and are happy to support, advise and carry out any servicing and repairs.

Knowing Your Land Rover

Going off road can be fraught with disasters, from getting stuck to mechanical problems.  

Always make sure your tyres are inflated correctly and that they are appropriate for the kind of terrain and weather before setting off. When driving across tough landscapes, check the tyres every now and then to make sure there is no damage to them and that you are safe to continue. If you do happen to accidently bump something and cause some body damage, make sure no part of the vehicle is left rubbing against the tyres.

Knowing The Terrain

This really depends on the weather conditions, but if you are not 100% certain the surface can sufficiently hold your Land Rover, you should walk over it first and give the surface a closer inspection before continuing. This may seem like common sense but can sometimes be overlooked when the adrenalin is pumping!

If you plan on driving uphill, you may be able to see what the terrain is like up the hill, but what is on the other side? You may not be able to change your mind and turn around when you get close to the top!

You should also be aware of your vehicles ground clearance and dimensions when approaching and departing rocky terrains. More importantly, make sure your vehicle is in good condition and everything is where it is supposed to be before you start on your off road adventure.

Driving Tips

When driving off road you need to be as slow as possible, but also keep your momentum. For example, drive slower on rocky terrain, but pick up the pace when you are going up slopes.

Some quick driving tips:

  • Do not spin the wheels and be gentle with the throttle pedal
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel
  • Try not to constantly brake. You will be going slowly, so most reductions in speed can be done without the brakes
  • Try to keep at least three wheels in contact with the surface at all times
  • Do not put your thumbs inside the steering wheel, as kickback has been known to break them

Taking The Bare Necessities

For off road driving these include:

  • 2-way radio or a way of contacting help in case you break down or get stuck
  • GPS and/or maps
  • Extra fuel (mpg figures for road driving are by no means a measure for off-road driving)
  • Water and food - if you are planning a longer journey
  • Shovel - in case you get stuck in the mud!
  • Tow rope - in case someone else is stuck in the mud or you need to use the nearest tree to pull you to safety!
  • Tools - in case you need to change a tyre or bulb
  • Suitable clothing and footwear (plus spares). Don’t forget that although you will be in your Land Rover, you may also need to spend a lot of time outside if you get stuck in the mud, so make sure you have the right attire, including an extra pair of wellies!

Our upcoming blog posts will give you more hints and tips about driving on different terrains, so watch this space!  

Why not visit Paul Rutter Land Rovers in Bognor Regis and have your Land Rover serviced at one of the most reliable Land Rover specialists in South East England.

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