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Your Land Rover is a rather hardy vehicle, but winter brings many aspects which need to be considered. Heating, wipers and lights will be working overtime, as will your brakes as you navigate the wet, muddy and icy Sussex roads. Equally, road salt can cause corrosive wheel-spray to make its way into the chassis and bodywork. Whilst damp air penetrates electrical connectors, and the cold causes issues when it comes to starting your engine.   Regularly servicing and correctly maintaining yo [...]

If you’re lucky enough to own a vehicle as robust as a Land Rover you’re probably not bothered by a little rain, snow or ice... Four-wheel-drive means you have better control of your vehicle than many others, but driving in winter is still significantly different to other times of the year. To help you stay safe this winter we’re sharing a few of our tips for safe driving and winter Land Rover maintenance…  Get your Land Rover servicedIt’s a good idea to have your vehicle fully serviced [...]

As the South Coast’s leading independent Land Rover specialist we know a thing or two about maintaining them… To help you keep your Land Rover at its best this blog shares our tips for Land Rover maintenance. Change the engine oil regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your Land Rover will stay in top shape. To find out more about the importance of engine oil take a look at this blog by A&D Autos on everything you need to know about engine oil.  Check the [...]

We’re not pointing the finger, we promise. We know that you’re busy and your life gets in the way. Family, friends, work commitments, appointments… All of which take priority over your Land Rover. Here are three common Land Rover issues (that you really ought to deal with) Automatic gearbox oil changeLand Rover never used to give a service interval time for changing the automatic transmission oil. Times have changed, it’s now recommended that it’s changed by at least 105,000 miles. [...]

However big or small the issue with your Land Rover we know how to repair it. As an independent Land Rover specialist there are very few issues we haven’t come across before. To help you get to know your vehicle better this blog shares three of the most common problems, and some of the potential causes. Suspension problemsLand Rover suspension issues can come in a number of guises. One corner of your Land Rover may sink, but raises as soon as the engine starts. Equally, your whole car co [...]

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