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Making the most of your Land Rover this winter

If you’re lucky enough to own a vehicle as robust as a Land Rover you’re probably not bothered by a little rain, snow or ice... Four-wheel-drive means you have better control of your vehicle than many others, but driving in winter is still significantly different to other times of the year.

To help you stay safe this winter we’re sharing a few of our tips for safe driving and winter Land Rover maintenance… 

Get your Land Rover serviced
It’s a good idea to have your vehicle fully serviced before winter starts (and the chaos of Christmas kicks in). This ensures the  internal workings of your Land Rover are as they should be, and makes sure your Land Rover doesn’t let you down and leave you stranded.

Prepare your Land Rover
Carrying out the necessary checks before you head off on a Winter drive might seem like a chore, but if something goes wrong you’ll wish you’d take the extra time. This blog by Bognor Tyres covers the checks your Land Rover needs.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your tyres
A common misconception is that Range Rovers and Land Rovers don’t require winter tyres. Unfortunately, four-wheel-drive won’t help your braking when it comes to ice and snow, you’ll still find yourself slipping when you brake. On the south coast we’re not guaranteed an icy snowy winter, but it’s always best to be prepared. Due to the rubber winter tyres are made from, and the specialist tread pattern winter tyres will help improve grip as soon as the temperature falls below 7℃.

Be aware of other road users
Although your Land Rover might be prepared for the weather the same can’t always be said for other road users. Remember that you will need twice your normal stopping distance for wet roads, and ten times for icy conditions. Keep some extra distance between you and other vehicles, and signal your intentions in time for other road users who may have a longer stopping distance.

Adapt the way you drive to the weather
With the many different landscapes of Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey the south coast calls for drivers to adapt to different weather, roads and traffic levels. Having the right tyres and a well maintained Land Rover will help, but as a driver there are also things you can do to ensure your safety. 

Flooding - Avoid the deepest water (usually near the kerb), and if the water seems too deep look for an alternative route. If you do decide to risk it drive slowly, beware of the bow wave from approaching vehicles and make sure you test your brakes when you come out the other side.

Snow and ice - Slow and steady is always the best bet as your chances of skidding are much higher.  Don’t feel pressured to reach the speed limit - remember they are the Maximum speed for ideal road conditions. Give yourself plenty of space to stop. Slow down before bends and corners, and avoid harsh braking or acceleration.

We’re here when you need us…

If you need help preparing your Land Rover for the weather we’re happy to help. Whether you want need new winter tyres, or just a seasonal service the expert technicians at our Bognor Regis garage will help you out.

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