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Common problems with Land Rovers

However big or small the issue with your Land Rover we know how to repair it. As an independent Land Rover specialist there are very few issues we haven’t come across before. To help you get to know your vehicle better this blog shares three of the most common problems, and some of the potential causes.

Suspension problems
Land Rover suspension issues can come in a number of guises. One corner of your Land Rover may sink, but raises as soon as the engine starts. Equally, your whole car could sink overnight (and sometimes refuses to raise up at all!). Suspension issues could be caused by something as simple as a valve, all the way through to a faulty compressor or suspension air bag. 

Leaking diesel engines
Found diesel puddles on the driveway? Reduced MPG? Chances are you’ve got a diesel leak on your hands. Possible causes of this are a leaking fuel injector or leak off pipe. If you want your diesel to stay where it should get your Land Rover looked at asap.

Smoking exhaust and poor performance
If your Land Rover’s exhaust is spitting out black smoke, or the performance just isn’t up to scratch it’s time to get it looked at. You could have a faulty exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve or a split turbo hose.

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If your Land rover is showing signs it needs maintenance, repairs or just some TLC give us a call and book it in. Whatever the symptoms or vehicle model we’ve got the equipment, skills and experience to diagnose and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

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