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Warning signs for Land Rovers

Land Rovers are special beasts… Whether you’ve got a Defender, Discovery, Freelander or a Range Rover Evoque they all come with their own special quirks.  

In time these niggles become part of the charm, part of the experience. However, these small issues could be a sign that there is trouble brewing… To help you keep your Land Rover in top shape we’re sharing some of the problems to look out for.

Dashboard light problems
The dashboard on your Land Rover is giving you a light show. You saw a light come on, but before you got round to checking what it meant it disappeared. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem has gone away too. Any warnings will be stored in your Land Rovers memory so have have a Land Rover expert take a look at it.

Land Rover is looking lopsided
If your Land Rover is leaning to one side, or lower at the front or back there could be a number of causes. A wonky Land Rover could be as simple programming issues… Equally, there’s the chance that it’s a bit more serious. If your Land Rover is low to the ground you may have an air leak, or a suspension leg collapse. Make sure you take it to your local Land Rover garage as soon as possible and get it looked at.

Clunking and difficult gear changes
Whether you’ve got a manual or automatic gearbox you shouldn’t be experiencing anything but a smooth drive. If your Land Rover is making clunking noises during gear changes, or it's taking you longer to change up as you drive it may be a sign that some of the parts are worn. Make sure you get this looked to avoid any knock-on effects on the rest of your vehicle.

Engine not running as smoothly
Your Land Rover’s engine is the heart of the vehicle, and the smallest of issues could create the largest of problems. Without the engine taken care of it can cause endless hassle. If you’re experiencing reduced Land Rover performance a Land Rover specialist can diagnose the issues and help get to the bottom of it.

Is there something wrong with your Land Rover?
Here at Paul Rutter we want to help you keep your Land Rover at its best, without the excessive cost of using a main dealer. Located in Bognor Regis we service clients across SussexHampshire and Surrey. Contact us to book in your vehicle, or if you have any queries regarding your Land Rover.

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