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Top 3 mistakes Land Rover owners make…

We’re not pointing the finger, we promise. We know that you’re busy and your life gets in the way. Family, friends, work commitments, appointments… All of which take priority over your Land Rover.

Here are three common Land Rover issues (that you really ought to deal with)

  1. Automatic gearbox oil change
    Land Rover never used to give a service interval time for changing the automatic transmission oil. Times have changed, it’s now recommended that it’s changed by at least 105,000 miles. If you do a lot of towing we recommend changing it at about  85,000 miles.

  1. Dashboard warning light neglect
    Ignore the dashboard warning lights at your peril… They could indicate that your brake pads are getting low, and bringing your Land Rover for a simple check could save you the expense of brake discs.  

  1. Panic repairs or servicing from a non Land Rover specialist
    We’ve heard more than a few horror stories from Land Rover owners who take their vehicles to non specialists. You don’t want to book yourself in for an oil change, only to have the engine seized 60 miles later due to an incorrectly fitted oil filter.

That’s why we're here
You’re busy… But we’ll help. We’re not expecting you to roll your sleeves up, just pick the phone up. We’ll find a time convenient for you, and get your Land Rover back to how it should be.

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