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Staying safe on country roads

A vast amount of Sussex roads are rural (in fact, there are only 9 miles of motorway in the entire county!), and while that is what makes it a beautiful place to live - it can also be extremely dangerous to drive. In fact, research by the government’s THINK! campaign found that 60% of all fatalities occur on country roads - that’s 3 people a day, which is 11 times higher than that on a motorway. Add to that the shorter days, darker winters, and adverse conditions, and the importance of safety and awareness becomes even more evident.

A shocking 25% of drivers report having a near miss on a rural road, 40% have encountered an unexpected hazard, and a third admit to taking a bend too fast. All of which can be avoided with a little more caution.

These findings highlight that drivers are failing to anticipate dangers on the road ahead - often due to being too familiar with a road, generally taking it for granted, and travelling at an unsuitably fast speed for the conditions. While your Land Rover may be built for our winding roads, that alone is not enough to secure your safety.  

So...what can you do to reduce your risk of an accident?

  • Read the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards. Look out for upcoming bends, hidden dips, blind summits and concealed entrances.
  • Drive at a speed that allows you to stop in the distance you see to be clear
  • Give yourself enough time to react by braking before a bend, not on it
  • Remember the speed limit is a LIMIT not a TARGET
  • Give cyclists, walkers and horse riders plenty of space when overtaking - remember to pass wide AND slow, not one or the other!
  • If you get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, be patient - dips in roads, bends and other junctions joining your road often hide oncoming vehicles
  • Even if you’re familiar with a country road, never take it for granted as the conditions can be different every time

Following these simple tips will help everyone get to their destination in one piece this winter. Being a responsible driver, able to anticipate hidden hazards and react accordingly, is critical on our rural Sussex roads. Afterall, we all have a responsibility to look out for ourselves and those around us.  

Don’t forget - a lot of accidents can be avoided by keeping your car in optimum condition, particularly your brakes and tyres. Remember to regularly book your car in for a service with the experts.

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