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Is your Land Rover caravan compliant?

It’s reaching the time of year when keen caravanners start thinking about their next adventure. Whether you’re exploring Sussex and the South of England, or heading further afield you need to make sure your Land Rover is up to the job… Our latest blog covers how to make sure your Land Rover is caravan compliant, and the areas you need to consider when towing a caravan.

Your Land Rover:

Land Rover towing capacity
It’s essential that the caravan doesn’t exceed the maximum towing capacity of your Land Rover. In general, a 4x4 such as a Land Rover or Range Rover will be able to tow both standard and twin-axle caravans. However, there are variations in capacity between Land Rover models. Double check your towing capacity with this very helpful vehicle capacity guide from

The tow bar on your Land Rover
It is essential that the the tow bar on your Land Rover is fitted to the point recommended by the manufacturer, and does not obscure the number plate when not in use. Your tow bar must also be consistent with the Euronorm Standard, and compliant with European regulations 94/20/EC.  

Land Rover maintenance
If you’re towing a caravan it is essential that the vehicle you are using is serviced regularly. Towing a caravan can be incredibly dangerous if the vehicle and equipment used is sub-standard. If your Land Rover is in need of an up to date service (even if it’s not a full one) our Sussex garage can help you out before you head off on your holiday.

Land Rover tyres
Your Land Rover must be able to support the weight of the caravan. Your tyres must be regularly checked to ensure optimum road safety. Pay particular attention to tyre pressures, making sure that they are adjusted to the load of the caravan.

Your Caravan:

Caravan weight
You can find our the weight of your loaded caravan by taking it to a local weighbridge (details on these here) or simply by adding the weight of the contents to the MRO (Mass in Running Order - unladen weight of the standard specification caravan). Avoid carrying anything that add unnecessary weight as this is both damaging to your Land Rover and Dangerous.

Caravan lights and Numberplate
Your caravan must be fitted with the correct number plate. In order to help you stay safe at night or in dimly lit conditions your caravan must also have fully functioning lights. These are as follows: Rear side lights, indicators, brake lights, number plate lights, one rear fog light and two triangular red reflectors.

Need help?
Here at Paul Rutter Land Rovers, we’re the South Coasts leading independent Land Rover specialist - so we know a thing or two about making sure your Land Rover is in top shape for towing your caravan. Whether your Land Rover is overdue a Service, or you’re just after some new tyres we’re always happy to help. Give our Sussex garage a call to book in your Land Rover.

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