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How to increase the fuel efficiency of your Land Rover

Land Rover owners really love their vehicles. However, there’s one issue all models have in common. Whether you’ve got a Discovery, Defender, Freelander or Range Rover they all suffer from poor fuel efficiency. Land Rovers are heavy, and take a lot of fuel to move around… This blog shares ways to increase the fuel efficiency of your Land Rover (and help you feel a bit less guilty about enjoying your fantastic vehicle).

Check the tyres on your Land Rover
Make sure you check your tyre pressure weekly, and adjust according to the load your Land Rover is carrying (Information on the correct tyre pressure can be found in your owner’s manual). Having the correct tyre pressure will help improve your fuel economy, and can even save you money by extending the life of your tyres.

Having correctly aligned wheels is just as important as having the correct tyre pressure - which is why we offer a free Land Rover wheel alignment check. If your tyres are wearing unevenly, or you’ve spotted ‘scalloped’ areas you probably need your tyres looked at. Having your wheels correctly aligned will help reduce the resistance between the road and your Land Rover, therefore using less fuel. 

Reduce the weight of your Land Rover
It’s pretty self explanatory that a heavier vehicle uses more fuel, and Land Rovers are heavy enough. Avoid adding any unnecessary weight. Now, we’re not suggesting you make beloved family members take the bus just because you want increased fuel efficiency - Just focus on removing anything you don’t need. Roof racks, brush guards and winches all increase drag and reduce MPG.

Optimise the engine on your Land Rover
Have you been ignoring the check-engine light again? Although you might be terrified of the diagnosis it could be something as simple as a problem with the spark plug wire or oxygen sensor. Driving around with these issues will cause your engine to run poorly and waste fuel, costing you more money in the long run. Additionally, if your spark plugs have been in service for 60k miles or more getting them replaced can help with fuel efficiency too.

One of the simplest way to optimise the engine on your land rover is staying on top of oil changes. Engine oil is so easily forgotten, but it is helps reduce friction, removes harmful substances, keeps your land rover healthy and improves fuel efficiency. Similarly to the engine oil your air filters also help prevent the buildup of harmful substances and debris which again increases fuel efficiency. Land Rover recommends a that air filters are replaced every 30k miles, but if you bring your vehicle for a regular service we’ll ensure everything it kept as it should.

We’re here when you need us…
If you want to increase the fuel efficiency of your Land Rover you can’t go wrong with regular servicing. As the South Coast’s leading independent Land Rover specialist we know what’s best for your Land Rover, and we’ll ensure your vehicle is kept at its best. To book your Land Rover in for a service or free wheel alignment check just contact us.

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