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Common problems for the Range Rover Sport

Not all Land Rovers are created equal… They each have their own quirks and issues. This week we’re all about the Range Rover Sport, the common problems, and how we can help you.

Screeching hand brake 
If the handbrake on your Range Rover Sport is making a screeching noise, or failing to release you may have a problem with the brake cable motor. The two most likely scenarios are that a) your brake cable is misaligned, or b) that the motor has failed. You will need a technician to either adjust the cable or replace the faulty part.

Pulsating brake pedal
Feeling pulsation upon breaking is an issue commonly caused by warped brake discs. When you begin to experience this with your Range Rover you should get both front and back rear brake discs checked. If this is found to be the issue replacing any warped discs and brake pads will soon have your vehicle back to normal.

‘Normal Height Only’ message
If you’ve come across this message on the dashboard of your Range Rover Sport chances are you’ve got a suspension fault. This particular Land Rover model is known to suffer with faulty air suspension pumps, due to its air suspension compressor. The compressor wears out prematurely, disabling and ‘locking’ the air suspension, thus preventing it from raising or lowering. If you’re having this problem we’re happy to help. We can replace your compressor and can also carry out the required software upgrade needed when this part is replaced.

Smoking exhaust
If your Range Rover Sport has a smoking exhaust it could be the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. Other symptoms of faulty EGR valve may also be poor acceleration, or a vibrating engine when the vehicle is static.

Faulty Airbags
Certain Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport models have faulty airbags. This means that in the event of a crash the airbag would fail to deploy, increasing the chance injury or death. The cause of this potentially fatal problem is a disconnected electrical connector (on either the driver or passenger side), or a misalignment between the steering column and the air bag clock spring. In the case of the latter this will cause the SRS Safety Restraint System light to come on. Should you notice the SRS light contact a Land Rover specialist immediately to rectify the problem, ensuring that the airbag can deploy correctly.

Not only should your Range Rover be a pleasure to drive, it should help keep you safe. If you have any of the above issues please contact your local Land Rover specialist. 

If you’re located in Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire we are the South Coast’s leading independent Land Rover specialist. We’re happy to advise on any issues and help get your Range Rover back to how it should be. Just give us a call. 


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